[Uncensored] ABP-557 Strong Point Sex An Exclusively Erotic Actress In A Thorough Breakdown Of All Her Best Attributes! Shunka Ayami 専属女優のエロぉ~い長所を徹底解剖&徹底紹介します! あやみ旬果

Part 2

Thorough dissection & enforcement introduces Prestage Senzoku actress “Ayami shunka”! Be existing AV Actresses, eroticism o … of Ayami shunka dominating Chouten in that, and the number of stars solves a Strong point! The Idol Sei which takes Kokoro of the beholder All! The finest beautiful curve that voluptuous Bust and a sexy poor horse rider weave! The Binkan constitution that I continue living for ceaselessly! And be her natural eroticism that I am born and had…. Want to know her more! nuki tai more in her! *no 7 contents 240 minutes to be seized with such thought! This nothing you of Ayami shunka enslave it

Release Date:Jan. 20, 2017
Runtime:242min.  (HD: 242min.)
Director:Masaru Panther

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