AUKG-281 Flowers Become Reality. Lesbian Partners Yui Hatano & Yuki Jin 花兒在現實世界中。蕾絲邊搭檔 波多野結衣 神有希

First off it stars Yui Hatano who’s probably the most well known actress right now. She does a lot of porn in general and is really all over the map, but she certainly does a ton of lesbian (as you’ll see in this post). Secondly, it’s from studio U&K, a studio known for only doing lesbian content. I think that’s one of the big things about lesbian as a genre (as you’ll also see through this post) is that there are even studios who exclusively do it. There’s certainly a lot of studios that have lesbian videos every now and then but I think it’s quite important to point out the few that exclusively do it.

For the video I think the passionate theme really resonates with lesbian watchers. I think one of the things about lesbian porn is that people expect more passion inherently, probably because a guy thrusting creates something that visually seems more rough. There’s a lot of sensuality from every aspect and it really starts with how much making out there is. This video absolutely delivers on that increase in passion as Yuki and Yui really work well together. The kissing is definitely what does it here but also the camera angles do a great job of capturing it.

Release Date:Apr. 26, 2015
Runtime:145min.  (HD: 145min.)
Studio:U & K
Label:U & K

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