BBAN-007 Stepmother And Daughter Secret Lesbian Adultery Ai Uehara Yumi Kazama 媽媽和女兒不能對他人說的蕾絲邊亂倫相姦 上原亞衣 風間由美

First off let’s talk about the cast. The cast in this one is fantastic for a few reasons. To start it has Ai Uehara and Yumi Kazama, two of the best in the business. Ai Uehara is someone who was really popular among the fans and was a great performer, but also had very few filters in terms of the content she did. Yumi Kazama, while not nearly as popular, is someone so well known because of how long she’s been in the industry. Individuals aside, I think another nice aspect about this cast is the age difference between them. There’s a nearly 15 year age gap and I think that disparity really plays nicely with the lesbian theme. I think people tend to look at lesbian as a theme suited to younger individuals so it’s nice to see that it isn’t. Unlike the previous entry with mature women I think this video having someone younger and older makes it appeal to a wider audience.

Another big reason this got included was due to the presence of an actual plot. JAV is definitely known for telling stories in their videos and that’s what transpires here. I think people tend to look at lesbian and think much more about the content rather than other aspects, but a story provides an extra layer of depth that can be enjoyable. This particular story has a lot of depth to it that’s easy to follow along with. Yumi plays Ai’s mom and Ai catches Yumi with another woman. Ai then becomes interested and fucks her mom herself. You get to see the story go full circle when Yumi starts off against it and slowly starts to enjoy it. That kind of plot is really typical in boy/girl scenes and seeing some familiarity in the plot is nice.

Lastly, this video got picked because it’s from a studio called Bibian. Bibian is another of those lesbian only studios and I think they are by far the best at it. They have tons of great casts, a nice variety among themes, and just generally have the best videos among lesbian-only studios.

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