MIAE-064 巨乳嫂子蒲藤惠诱惑我内射她 Sister-in-Law Family Creampies Temptation Meguri

MIAE-064 巨乳嫂子蒲藤惠诱惑我内射她 Sister-in-Law Family Creampies Temptation Meguri

Meguri’s brother-in-law comes to visit and Meguri is instantly attracted to him. Even though her and her husband are having sex regularly, she can’t help but want him. Meguri starts enticing him right from the get-go, and the seduction finally boils over after he’s spying on them fucking while Meguri is looking back at them. From then on, the two of them are just going at it whenever they can, Meguri getting creampied.

I really liked how they managed to fit in a risky theme here. There are plenty of instances where she’s fucking in risky ways, like her husband is nearby or they scramble at the end of the scene. And let me tell you, there are three creampie sex scenes. It’s hard not to enjoy content like this, it’s almost like a GES video.

I also thought the performance from her was really good. I liked how she was able to keep her voice down and not really go overboard like she often did in 2017. Watching her ride her husband while her brother-in-law is watching is super hot.

Release Date:May 20, 2017
Runtime:118min.  (HD: 118min.)
Director:Dragon Nishikawa
Content ID:miae00064
Actress(es):Meguri (Megu Fujiura)

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