PPPD-329 巨乳潛入搜査官巡 藤浦惠 Busty Undercover Investigation Meguri

PPPD-329 巨乳潛入搜査官巡 藤浦惠 Busty Undercover Investigation Meguri

Meguri is a undercover agent who goes to investigate a drug company. While she finally does undercover their secrets, she gets drugged and raped by them. The video starts off with her being this dominant investigator and ends up with her being totally violated by some guys.

Meguri’s performance is very good, and they give good opportunities to show it. The video starts off with some creeps trying to show her a good time, but instead she beats them up. Later on when she’s drugged, watching her wobble around convincingly is awesome. It’s moments like this that really make an actress stand out. Her performance isn’t limited to these moments either, she performs well the rest of the time whether she’s being raped or trying to entice a guy to find out more information. It’s just an absolutely amazing performance.

The content is also super awesome. Investigator outfits are hot as fuck, and Meguri looks fantastic in hers. Even if the content is all rape, they found good ways to mix up the content. The last scene, for instance, is a gangbang, or the middle scene has her being facefucked. Normally the last scene is a bit mediocre because the actress is tied up, but they untie her and it makes that scene super enjoyable.

Release Date:Nov. 15, 2014
Runtime:116min.  (HD: 116min.)
Content ID:pppd00329
Series:Big Tits Undercover Investigation
Actress(es):Meguri (Megu Fujiura)

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