XVSR-282 Hibiki Otsuki Vs Yui Hatano An Orgasmic Battle Royale No Scripts/No Mercy A Furious Fuck Battle!! 大槻響VS波多野結衣 高潮大逃殺~沒有劇本、真正的性愛對決!

First off the highlight of the video is the cast. Hibiki Otsuki and Yui Hatano, often known by their collective title Hibihata, is a treat to see. The two are hands down the best duo in all of JAV. Their chemistry stems from them being best friends in real life and it’s unmatched. Studios are keen on capturing their chemistry on film and they star in videos together all the time, in fact they even have multiple series premised around the two of them starring together. It’s rare to think about a pair of female actresses starring together in lesbian videos being so common and so wonderful that it deserves mention on its own but such is the case of Hibihata.

For this video the real highlight for the theme is about how the lesbian content actually manifests. You see, sure, there’s dedicated lesbian action but there’s also action that is a boy/girl threesome that has lesbian action. Most threesomes of that nature are very strict about the women not interacting and you often wind up with such halfhearted content because someone is playing a third wheel. I find that little bit of interaction goes a long way. What was once an actress standing around waiting her turn is now really hot action. Of course, Hibihata does more than a little but the point still stands that a little does a lot.

Release Date:Oct. 22, 2017
Runtime:112min.  (HD: 112min.)
Studio:Max A

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